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Junior level class plans 1-3 in 3 separate A4 PDF documents (in a zip file, that you need to right click and extract all files). 


Each PDF includes:

  • a summary table of the 10-11 exercises in the class plan
  • recommended music match
  • equipment required
  • cue cards for each exercise (2 per page)


Some of these exercises are included in other cue card sets but some are new and only available in these class plans. 


Repeat each class plans 1-4 times before moving to the next class plan so the students can become familiar with the exercises and you can measure their improvements. 


There are 12 class plans in the Junior level. 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 will be released during the year. 


I do not own these exercises and teachers should refer to for full tutorial videos and certifications for Progressing Ballet Technique.

PBT Junior Class Plans 1-3

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